Sexy Prostitutes for New Year’s Eve

sexy prostitutesMy sexy prostitutes are going to be busy New Year’s Eve. It is a busy day for flesh peddlers. It is one of the most trafficked days of any year for young flesh. Men and women alike want to ring in the new year with something tender and taboo. I understand because I am the same way. Even my sons have new year’s dates with women wanting to play house. This one rich widow hires my boys every year. She is older than me but has a lot of money. She was a trophy wife in her day, but her rich oil tycoon husband died. He used to hire my boys for her to fuck. He liked watching her with younger boys. He was shooting blanks, so he could never make her a mommy. Now, once a year, she honors her late husband’s memory by indulging in a boy orgy. Last year, I was there to supervise. My boys treated her like she was their own mommy. My boys are skilled lovers because I taught them well. It was hot for me to watch them eating her old hairy snatch. She sucked their dicks and tossed their salads too. Each of my three studs gave her a couple loads of jizz before the date was over. My sons do not get hired as much as our girls do, so it is exciting for the boys when they are requested, especially by a trashy milf like their mommy. The same lady has them again for New Year’s, but I will be with my daughters doing a family play date. My husband will go with the boys. I am a little jealous. I know they fuck me anytime I want. It is just I am no longer the only milf they fuck. Hell, this lady is GILF age. Well, I guess that means even when I get old, they will still want to fuck me. We will be fucking for New Years. What about you?

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