I Took His Virginity For New Year’s

dirty phone sexHis friends put in the call. Wanting a hot ass whore to bring in their nerdy virgin friend’s New Year right. I don’t remember the last time I met a full-grown virgin, so I even offered a little discount. They set it up and gave me a key to his home. I arrived early and made myself at home. Thigh highs, heels and a perfect pussy would await him. I took a few shots and did a line and around the time of his arrival made myself comfortable on the table. He walked in and turned on the lights and there on his table was his dinner and dessert.

He tried to speak but I wasn’t interested in anything he had to say. I handed him the card from his friends and as he read it, I unbuckled his pants and put him on the table. Pulling his cock out and stroking him. He was already leaking a ton of pre-cum, so I knew this wasn’t going to take long. Thankfully for him, I had been hired all night. Wanting to make sure his first orgasm removed his V-card I laid him back and pushed his cock deep inside of me. I didn’t even move before he blew his load. I kissed him softly and told him we had all night. What do you think I should do to him next?

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