Sexy Prostitutes Earn Bank Over the Holidays If They Act Like Good Whores

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes stay busy during the holidays. My girls and even myself have been in demand with local daddies. My oldest daughter attends college and is home through mid-January. She told me she wanted some big bucks to take back to college with her. She misses being the once most sought-after whore we have. It is not that she aged out. She just left the area. In her college town she does the sugar baby thing. And even dabbles in cam work and Only Fans. But the real money is in the oldest profession in the world. Prostitution.

My husband provides the clients and I provide the talent. Some of my oldest daughter’s former clients still ask about her. She may not make as much as she once did no longer being Lolita age, but she fucks better than any porn star. Hell, she might even out fuck me. She is very limber. Years of dance and gymnastics and the girl can eat the cum from her own cum filled cunt. She has money, more money than most girls her age. But she has invested wisely for her future. Her generation works smarter not harder. She wants spending and travel money.

Oh Cum all Ye Perverted

Last night daddy booked us both with the guy who popped her ass cherry. Daddy popped her real cherry like he did all our darlings. But this man is a close business associate of my husbands and always pays well. He fucked my oldest daughter up until the day before she left for college. And he fucks her if he is in town when she is back home. He loves how flexible she is. So does every man. But the bond between them is super strong. She jokes that he is her second daddy.

Honestly, I felt like a third wheel. Although he had no desire to fuck me, he did want me to watch and film them together. And it was my pleasure. He spoiled her with gifts. I mean she should marry this guy. Even though the age gap is larger than it was between me and her daddy, this man is filthy rich with no family to spend his millions on. He gave her $10,000 in gift cards. Plus, he paid her triple what we charge men like him. And he paid me too for just being there.

Oh Holy Whore

My daughter found herself a sugar daddy. However, he makes her work for that money. He is into hardcore anal sex. So, her tight little butthole took a lot of action just like it did when she was a schoolgirl. She may not see any other clients during her holiday break. But I have other whores available for men like you.

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