Sexy Prostitutes are Made Not Born

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes aren’t born they are made. Made by dirty P parents like me and my husband. As soon as my girls were all born, we started training them for the whore life. Cum mixed with formula. The head of daddy’s cock as a pacifier. Mommy’s finger slipped in and out of tiny fuck holes during bath time.  As they got older, they took more cum and more than just the head of daddy’s dick in their mouths. Fingers were replaced with dildos, then dildos were replaced with daddy’s dick. Now, we have great little whores who love to take care of daddy and me and our clients. Being a good whore runs in the family. I was a good whore for my parents, but my parents were not good pimps. Daddy and I are great pimps. That is why our little slutkins are so good at draining cocks and draining wallets. We let them keep more than half the fee our clients pay for their tiny jail bait fuck holes. They each have their own bedrooms. They each have the nicest in style clothes and best electronics. The ones old enough to drive have nicer cars than their friends’ parents. This trashy milf madam knows how to make good whores and keep them happy so they stay good whores.

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