Sexy Prostitutes Are Always Busy

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes stay busy, even when there are major storms and power outages. I am a California girl. You may have heard we have had some severe storms. Some places have snow. Fucking snow in California. We just have torrential rains and high winds. Mother Nature is on a rampage all over the US lately. We are safe, but we do not have power. That does not mean business stops. In fact, my young sluts have been in higher demand. I think other folks are in the same boat as us, and if you cannot watch TV or stream movies or even surf the Internet, at least you can have some fun with some young hookers for hire right? I was not able to drive my girls to all their daddy dates. I am not a great driver, so I told the clients to come to us. We have sex rooms in the house for clients. Most men want to come and fuck a young Lolita whore in her Princess bed anyway. Adds to the illusion that they are fucking their daughters. We go all out for our clients to make their dirty fantasies cum true. I had a house full of guys wanting to fuck our young Lolitas by candlelight. We catered in some food and turned it into a family night. It actually worked out well. I was in my car talking dirty to men like you. My husband over saw the action after we had out family dinner. Each daughter went with a daddy into a themed room and fucked. The candlelight added a bit of ambience that our clients appreciated. Many dirty daddies sneak into their daughters’ rooms once the lights go down anyway. It was a profitable night. All three girls got to be teen sluts fucking daddies. I got to talk dirty. Fuck you Mother Nature, LOL. Men still need to fuck even when the power is out. And as a good madam, I made it happen.

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