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It’s been an eventful couple of weeks all in such a short time I have quit my job got into a new relationship and decided that I wanted to move to California. This new relationship that I’m in it is at the least extraordinarily passionate and amazing. I met David at the gym. I must say David is the most attractive guy ever been into. David is well-built definitely has a gym rats body. David was a little green he didn’t get into the Saucier Endeavors like myself. I thought that I would expose my new boyfriend to a nightlife that he had not ever known before me and in return, my stallion was going to be 100% more caring sharing and nasty with me. I took my lover; I grabbed his arm. I told him that I was going to take him somewhere that he had never been before and that he wasn’t going to forget it. Since we were in Vegas for the weekend I decided that we would go to the Bunny Ranch we’re all the girls were fun full of sexiness and willing to do everything for the right price. When we got to the ranch, I got two of the hottest girls that money could buy, and I told them to have their way with David. The first girl 5 ft 6 in a really nice candy apple ass 36 Double D cup long blond hair big blue eyes she was amazing she had David slobbering. The other was a tall Amazon with the longest legs and the cutest ass you ever seen on a brunette. Both of these girls ravish David they sucked his cock in front of me lick all over his body rode his cock he fucked them in their asses; it just got out of control. Do you want to know what else happened? Call me.


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