There is this guy that I have been fucking a lot! He is so kinky. I am a bitch that’s always down if it means I am going to have a good time. Recently we just tried this new fetish he had. He got me stoned out of my mind and whipped a condom out of his back pocket. I was suprised since we never use a rubber. He then proceeded to tell me that the rubber wasn’t going on his cock head, but that it was going on mine. He exscused himself to the restroom and when he came back I was completly shocked at what he was wearing. He had a latex suit on that covered every inch of his body. He handed me a bag and told me to put on the contents.

 I was in latex thigh high boots and a latex body suit, with latex panties. He told me I was missing the most important piece to my outfit. He handed me the latex condom and demanded that I put it over my head. Once it was on my head, he cut out a little hole for my mouth so that I could breathe and I am gussing also so he could fuck my mouth. I got on all fours and bent over just enough to where he could see my pink shinny pussy hole under the black latex skirt, once he managed to get the panties wrapped around my knees. He had a little hole for his thick cock to slide through in his suit. He was harder then ever. He stuffed me full of his cock. My mouth got pounded and fucked until he busted his nut right on my tounge. He is such a good time! I am defenitly wearing this outfit more often.

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