Sexline Want to Listen?

SexlineDirty phone talk is so nasty and sexy. It’s my favorite thing about working with FornicationStation. I get to talk to all these depraved, nasty, perverts who are more than happy to let me be their dirty cum whore and let me tell you about what a dirty whore I am too. My dealer loves it because he loves to eat my pussy while I’m on the phone. He loves to lick up my pussy. Suck and nipple on my clit as I try to focus on you. His fingers fucking me hard, teasing my g-spot making me cum on the phone hard. I don’t think you mind, I think you’re more than happy to listen to me get fucked and teased while I try to focus on talking to you. But you’re a dirty pervert too aren’t you? I’m pretty sure you came as you heard me say “Oh god.” as he sinks his huge black cock into my still twitching pussy, I can hear you egging him on. Telling him to fuck the whore harder. But, I’m getting lost in this pleasure so I’m not sure what you’re saying anymore as he forces me to cum around his cock…

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