Sexline tales: Snuff Girl fight


Sexline tales: Snuff Girl fight.  My friend Lisa and her momma love to go down to Mexico and try to win a girl fight for cash. These are extreme fights where one of the women might not make it out alive. I was trying to text her all day, The day of the fight she had set up to try to bring home some money to her family. Her mother went with her and I knew trouble would be brewing. Instead I got a call from a strange man saying he called her emergency numbers since Lisa couldn’t call me. Figures her shitty mother would leave it up to a man to tell me what happened to my friend. Now Lisaa worked the whore house with me a time or two, we worked out together often.

I believe you have to have some strong ass leg muscles to bounce on cock all night long. I’m pretty muscular and have often wondered what I would do! But I know with one of those Zingers that are in these Mexican lady fights I would be dead meat. Oh how callous of me my Friend Lisa died in that fight! But the way Peter told me how she was killed was extremely sexy and my pussy started to pulse with every detail of girl on girl killing action. I’m such a whore that even extreme phone sex tales of killing another female fighter (my friend) got me off!

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