Sexline Offers Encouragement and Support for Your Age Play Needs

sexlineMy sexline stays busy all the time, but during the holidays it stays busier than normal. And that is not a complaint either. I love talking to men about their fantasies and even their real experiences. Men need a safe space for their fantasies. Although I know the term safe space has a negative connotation to most men because it makes them feel like pussies for needing such a thing in the first place.

Listen to me for a moment here. A safe space in phone sex is not the same thing in the real world. What I provide is a judgement free zone for your extreme fantasies whatever they may be. However, a trailer trash whore has no room to judge anyway. I am no choir girl. Never was either. But I understand the urges men have. The kind of urges that might get a man arrested if caught.

My husband has urges for young girls. He likes them right as they start to sport itty bitty tities and a little peach fuzz on their otherwise hairless cunts. But before he met me, he had to search for trafficked girls, and they were rarely the suburban looking girls he prefers. Or he went to Thailand for young pussy because the age of consent is much lower. His first wife never would have agreed to let him fuck their daughter or travel for jailbait pussy.

My Phone Line is a Safe Space for Your Age Play Needs

With me, my husband gets daughter pussy whenever he wants it. Are you feeling jealous yet? I am my husband’s safe zone. He can get all the young pussy he wants no strings attached. I find it hot that he enjoys our daughters.  It is not like I do not get anything out of it because I do. I get to fuck our sons and daughters. Plus, I get to watch my husband fuck our girls. And nothing turns me on more. A daddy’s job is to make his girls good little whores for men like you. I bet you agree with me too.

Now do you understand what I mean by safe space? My phone sex line offers encouragement for all your taboo thoughts. And never any judgement.

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