Sexline is No Limits Age Play with Me Always

sexlineMy sexline is a no limits line. I love taking men down rabbit holes of perversion. My life appears to be one big rabbit hole. I get older and my play mates get younger. Most of my calls focus on my little slutty daughters. Men crave young bald pussy. So, do I. But I love boy cock too. When I first married my husband, I told myself I would just watch him with our girls. But I could not stay on the sidelines for long.

Why would I want to watch when I had horny sons around wanting to fuck me. Even though I waited until they became teenagers to fuck my sons, I like them even younger now. One of my callers asked me recently what the appeal of boy cock was to me. Oh, what is not the appeal? I prefer my cocks like many men prefer their cunnies, bald. Hairless cock makes mommy feel great.  But as my sons age, that hairless phase of their youth disappears.

I Get Older, and My Lovers Get Younger

What does a trashy milf do when that happens? She looks for younger boys to play with. My oldest son joined this Big Brother program to help his mouth out. For the past few months, he has brought me young boys. And guess what? They all want to fuck me. Young boys are easier to molest than young girls. And they never tell adults because they enjoy that pussy too much to give it up.

This weekend, my boy brought me 4 young schoolboys to molest. What a treat for mommy too. My son loves to watch me molesting hairless cocks and bodies. One of the boys appeared to be a repeat customer. A few months back he fucked me. Now, he wanted a second helping of trailer trash whore pussy. My oldest son enjoyed watching me entertain 4 boys younger than him or any of his siblings when I first molested them.

Now that my son helps me get younger cock, my husband wants his daughters to do the same for him with younger girls. This is why I love my husband so much. We get older, but our playmates get younger.

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