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sexline My sexline remains anything goes. I love talking to guys with all sorts of kinks and perversions. I am no traditional soccer mom who would cancel a man for checking out my teenage daughter. However my youngest slut looks even younger than she is when she does not wear makeup. Guys love her look too. She looks fresh-faced and innocent. The all-American girl next door.

We went shopping at the mall Friday morning. Her school had a half day because of the heat and the AC system blowing. So, I picked her up from school and we went to the mall. Immediately, we picked up a stalker. I know them when I see them. My daughter’s long legs in a short skirt drives daddies wild. This man went wild looking at her. I knew that he pictured her naked in his mind as he followed us around the mall. Although most women would call him out, I egged him on because I am a trashy milf.

Perverted daddies may be my favorite kind of men. My hot teen slut daughter knew this man had his eyes on her tiny frame of a body. She worked it too. I raised my girl right. Taught her how to milk those wallets. We got this DILF to pay for her clothes. And she knew she could get him to do it too, so she bought things she did not plan on getting. I am that way too. If a man is paying, I get everything I want and then some.

My Daughters Drain Cocks and Wallets

The man seemed nice. Married of course. After he dropped a few grand, I offered up my teen whore for free. My goal being to hook him on her tight teen cunt, so he drops more money on her in the future. A young girl can never have enough sugar daddies. At first, he hesitated. However, I assured him that my girl loves daddies, and we would not blackmail him or anything like that.

He made my daughter his teen anal whore for about 20 minutes in the family bathroom while I waited outside. No one noticed him going in with her. And they came out separately.  She smiled ear to ear with his cum inside her ass. I found out why too. On his way out he tipped her a large amount of cash. It pays to be a teen whore.

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