I needed some money since I spent it all on weed and booze this past weekend. So I put on my tight short black dress with some really high, high heels. I pulled my tits up making them pop and I rolled up the skirt so that any one who really wanted to see my ass could see it. I went knocking door to door asking men if I could have money and in exchange I would do dishes or clean bathrooms or what ever. I kept getting the door slammed on me since many of them had there wives next to them. Until I found this one guy who was more then willing to pay me. He handed me fifty dollars to clean his bathroom since it was nasty. I didn’t mind getting all dirty scrubbing and cleaning his bathroom since it allowed me bend over allowing the man to see my tits coming out of my shirt and my pussy hole from the back since I was on all fours cleaning the best I could. Each time I turned around to see if the man was watching me he would turn around quickly making it seem like he was not noticing what he saw. Once I was done I asked if there was any other chores he would like me to do since I was in big need of money. He smiled and started to think about what else he wanted me to do when I noticed his huge boner. I got on my knees and began fucking his cock with my mouth spitting and stroking it with my hands. I sucked and swallowed his mushroom making him rethink about all the chores that needed to be done since his house was filthy. I pulled off my dress and began letting him fuck breasts leaving them all sweaty and full of his precum. I got on all fours and told him to pick an hole and stretch it out . I got to say for a nerdy white little man he sure had a lot of energy since he kept penetrating my wet bald cunt until it was really sore, he kept fucking me from the back making my ass clap against his waist while he grabbed my hips until finally he blew his load deep into my pussy. I made three hundred bucks that day from cleaning. Sure it was back breaking work but I left filled with happiness.

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