Sex, Drugs and Cheer

Phone Sex Line

There are only three things I care about in this world; sex, drugs, and cheer. In that order. I’m at my damn happiest when all three things are combined. I’ve been known to finish off a particularly good cheer practice or competition with a few lines and a tab of acid. The football Coach always has an eyeball on hand for his best cheerleader. After all, without us, his players would never win a game. They can barely find their own cocks without us.

         He takes me into his office with a few lines ready for my cute little nose and he’ll dust a bit on his cock for me. Once I’m all good and fucked up, he loves taking my teen whore throat for a spin. I love feeling his meaty cock punch through my throat. The coke fucks me up enough that I practically unhinge my own jaw, so he can fuck my whore mouth as deeply as possible. I’m telling you, the secret to happiness is a mouth full of cum, a nose full of blow and a championship trophy!

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