Running Wild

no taboo phone sex


I was walking in the park when I saw this guy who was jogging, and he looked so fucking tasty. I kept thinking to myself and my going to get him and am I going to have a cunt cum spewing good time. All I want is a huge cock perverted man because I’ve been without some dick for such a long, long time. I need to be stretched out on a bed and fucked like a pornstar, I need to be done like those whores that require so much cock in they’re mouth. I love being strong. I can’t even wait until I get to cream all over his face. My cunt was soaking wet when I saw him, so I had to start jogging behind him. It took so much to catch up with this guy because he was really doing his job but I had to get his attention, so I ran up in front of him. This guy seems to be entirely into running which was pissing me off, but I devised a plan to hurt myself in front of him far enough for he could stop and help me. Here’s the moment I fell down I told him my ankle my ankle help me, he finished and pick me up oh my gosh he was so big. I thought I should say my ankle it’s sprained I think with my big beautiful eyes and my pouty little lips. I used my womanly magic, and it worked he was rubbing on my ankle making sure it was okay, and of course, I had to thank him for stopping and being so chivalrous. I told him can you please take me back to my house it’s not too far from here and I walked. The big gorgeous guy didn’t mind at all he put me in his car and took me back to my apartment where I invited him and of course for a drink of thanks. Mr. Sexy was looking so hot he had me so turned on I couldn’t help myself but to tell him I really faked all of it so that I can get him in my house. He smiled at me with those beautiful pearly whites he said to me you are so cute what should I do? I answer to him you should probably do whatever is on your dirty sexy mind right now. Right then he started to kiss me and take down the strings on my shoulders. When he got my shirt off he put my nipple in his mouth and began to suck my breast viciously, I loved it too every suck he did. Oh, Mr. Sexy was so fucking amazing he really rocked my world and I would love to tell you every dirty detail about it.

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