Good Girl Gone Bad

Gangbang Whore

I wasn’t always a cum dumpster cheerleader. For a while I was a huge virgin nerd loser. Always in class on time, never kissing boys.. blah, blah, blah. The first time I realized how much I loved cum and coke changed everything for me. There is nothing better in this world than a cunt full of cum and a nose full of blow!

         Being a good girl is no fun! I like being bad! I love being a filthy gangbang whore and I love having the football team run trains on me while I’m passed out from too much molly! Besides, guys don’t like good girls! They like slutty whores like me that will ride their cocks with a used pussy full of cum!

         I’m the dirty whore of every man’s dreams. There is literally nothing I won’t do to get coke and cock. Bad girls do it all! And we’re damn proud of it. Being the school slut is a badge of honor- being bad never felt so good!

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