Run a train

anal cum dumpsterI was fucking the guys in the office again. I like my bosses office a lot more than my tiny one. My boss Todd was not happy at all. I was told not to fulfill my cocksucking binges there. I just liked how private it was. I also was taking much longer lunch breaks, and I was fucking way more than working. I had a punishment inflicted on me that was more like a fun session of cock sucking. Todd invited all his buddies to his party and had me come over. I was the only girl there with about seven different guys ready to pound my pussy raw. I loved the fu.

 How could he mad at me when I was such a perfect anal cum dumpster. After the fun we had, he told me it was cool, and I could use his office anytime as long as I clean up the mess. I replied I always clean the mess up 😉

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