Rules were made to be broken

druggy phone sex


If you love druggy phone sex, you will love my little story. My dealer is so mad at me because I owe him so much money. I can’t help it that I am such a junky slut. At first glance, you would never assume such a thing, but once you get to know me, it is clear that I am a dirty whore who needs to be used.

I love to do big lines and get high. My dream night is one where I am high as a kite fucking all night long. My next-door neighbor came over to fuck me. As I am on his cock, my dealer bangs on my door. It’s time to pay up.

I’m in the middle of riding a dick. I didn’t expect him to show up. Nonetheless, my dealer begins to think long and hard about how he can get me to pay up. Then he figures out he’s going to stream me being a slut and get paid for it; after all, he’s some sort of entrepreneur.

I agree and show him that this plan is a cash cow, and I pay off my debt and gain much more fucking and drugs.

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