Road Trip

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I had one of my regulars come in the other day and gave me an offer I could not refuse. He had a cross country load to deliver, a bottle of viagra and a stack full of cash. His offer was music to my ears. Hell it was like I was being paid to go on a mini vacation. What bitch would pass that up? Especially girls like myself we don’t get to see the outside of our trailer walls or this truck stop too often unless it’s a trip to Wal-mart! He told me we would be leaving first thing in the morning. He had just one condition. I had to bring one of my little whores along with us. I knew that wasn’t going to be hard to do. So I called up my girl Sybil. Just as I thought she was totally down for this rendezvous. We rolled out at the crack of dawn. Of course he had the famous morning wood to take care of so I told him to just get rid of his pants as me and Sibyl began trading off giving him sloppy, hard, deep, road head. Sucking his cock so far into our throats, driving him crazy at times we could feel the semi do a little jerk as he’d get so excited getting ready to blow his load all over our faces. The first night was all about riding his cock. We took turns straddling his face and big dick at the same time switching off after we’d creamed his face with our pussies. Of course road head was a regular activity as we were trucking along, getting gagged with his thick piece of meat every time he hit a bump or pot hole. The second night was all about our tight little back doors. Boy did that viagra come into play as he had us lined up side by side taking turns stabbing our tight little assholes. We leaned over and started kissing each other which turned into making out with each other and that just sent him right over the edge. He blew his nut so hard it actually flung up and landed on our faces and necks. Obviously he got off but we were not nearly close to being done. Cum hanging off of our cheeks, pussies dripping wet and our little assholes stretched I flipped Sybil over and dove between her legs. Licking and sucking her pussy as she squirmed beneath me so I hopped on top of her in the famous 69 as we gave our trucker a nice little lesbian show. He must have really enjoyed that because for the next 3 days he requested that little routine as a night cap. By the end of this trip our fuck holes were filled with lots of nice hot jizz and our purses were filled with a nice chunk of change. This is what I call a road trip. Hell…. I am ready for another!

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