Riding Her Dad’s Dick Was My Revenge

dirty phone sexMy friend had been talking shit about me for a bit and I wasn’t about to sit back and take it. I could go beat her ass but what is the fun in that? I mean, I might break a nail or some shit. I would need to get my revenge another way. So, I stalked her dad, married dad I should say. He didn’t know me, but he was about to. I scoped him out, stalked some social media, found out where he worked and sat back to wait. Seems he likes to frequent this bar after work, so I made it my mission to go there everyday for a week. Always dressed hot and sexy and making sure I sat really close to him. As always it didn’t take long for this guy to start up a conversation with me. The normal BS but I quickly put a little spin on it, because seriously this was becoming lame. One night at closing I pretended that I had just a little too much to drink and asked him if he could drop me by my house on his way home. I used the typical, single girl excuses. Lyft drivers are creepy, and my friends won’t come get me, you know the ones I am talking about. He drove me home and I just so happened to need a little help inside. He walked me to the door and then helped me inside. From there I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him deep, moving my hands up and down his developing bulge and then we took it to the bedroom where those video cameras were set up. I filmed her dad pounding me and then sent her the video. Revenge complete. But you must hear all the filthy kinky shit I did to him on that tape. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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