Cum Dumpster

cum dumpster

I am such a cum dumpster. Married men who do not get enough sex at home or get boring sex come straight to me! I get pleasure from draining balls until they’re empty. I have a regular playdate who visits me often. His wife is the boring type who only like missionary, she doesn’t even give him head. So as soon as he walks through my door, I go straight for his pants pull his big cock out and start sucking the head teasing it with my tongue. I squeeze his balls and use my finger to rub right underneath them while I push his cock deeper down my throat, I know he likes it and doesn’t get it at home. You want to know what else he doesn’t get at home? He doesn’t get to shove his hard cock in an asshole, lucky for him I love it. I love ass play I like it being licked and fingered specially fucked. That is why I am his favorite! And I know if you come to me, I will be your favorite too! 


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