Retail Therapy

Anal cum dumpsterI am just like you that I have to go out and shop.  I have to buy groceries, pay my bills, pay my insurance, and go and buy clothing.  I can’t just have dick shoved in one of my holes every minute of the day.  I wish I could, believe me, but how would I explain that when I go to vote today? Having some guy behind me, me bent over, fucking in line waiting to cast my vote.  Might be a bit awkward, fun, but awkward none the less.

I was out shopping for some new jeans and panties.  I seem to go though a shit ton of panties for some reason.  Oh that’s right, I’m always sending them out to some of you.  Which means I go shopping for them more than your average whore.  I was in a little lingerie boutique and there was a guy working there.  I was very surprised because you hardly ever see a guy working in a lingerie store of any type.  I thought maybe he was gay, and no I am not gay bashing, I just assumed.

He came over to me and asked me if I needed any help.  I told him I didn’t, but I did ask him how he liked working here.  He laughed and said, “It’s my Sister’s place, I am just filling in for a little while so she could run to the bank.” That explains that.  I asked him if he was gay, he told me that I was the fifth woman to ask him that today.  We both laughed and he said no he wasn’t gay.

Well that just changed everything.  I changed my mind and told him that I actually did need some help.  I told him that my bras didn’t fit correctly and I needed to be measured.  He didn’t know what I was talking about. I volunteered to show him.  We went into a changing room, and I took my shirt off and my bra.  He just stood there, I told him that we would need a measuring tape.  He went to find one.

It took a little while but he came back with one.  I showed him how to measure a woman for a bra.  He was blushing like crazy, and his cock was getting a little hard.  I could see the bulge start up in his jeans in the mirror.  He went out and picked out some bras for me to try on.  I thanked him then told him that I needed to be measured for panties too.  He just looked at me.  He asked me if that was actually a thing, I told him no. 

He stood there for a few seconds then he figured out what I meant.  He came in and slid the curtain closed.  I pulled my pants and panties off then sat back on that very uncomfortable little seat.  I pulled my legs up so that he could see how wet my pussy was already.  He got down on his knees and started to tongue fuck me.  He was extremely good at it.  I heard the door open in the shop.  He had to leave the dressing room, I was so close to cumming too.  I heard him talking and the woman said she would come back later. 

He came back in and told me he locked the door and put the closed sign up, but we would have to hurry because his sister would be back any minute.  I took his cock out and sucked it to life, turned around and let him have at it.  He fucked me in my cunt for a bit, then without even asking plowed it into my tight ass.  He was big so it made me gasp, but it also made me cum. Then he came shortly after.

He left the room, I got dressed and purchased my stuff.  He asked if he could have my number because he would like to see me again.  I told him to give me his and I would contact him if I ever wanted to meet up again.  He smiled and gave me the digits.  I gave him a little kiss then left.  I got fucked and some really killer panties and bras, all in all it was a fantastic shopping trip.

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