Real Men Don’t “Cuddle”!

Live Phone SexLast night was great! The girls and I went out for ladies night and got totally shit faced!

There was this guy checking me out so we danced for a bit and then I took him home!

We fucked all night! I don’t remember much but I have dick snot dripping out of my sloppy little cunt and my ass feels like it was pounded hard!

No yummy dick shake after taste in my mouth tho.

Well we will have to fix that!

He was still laying there when I woke up and I love morning wood so I helped myself to a sausage breakfast!

To my surprise, he tried to stop me!

What the hell! He didn’t mind it last night!

That’s when he said he really liked me and wanted to see me again and he wanted to cuddle with me!


Real men don’t “cuddle”! They cum!

I am not looking for a boyfriend! I am looking to get fucked so if you aren’t giving up the juice, I have no use for you!

He looked at me and started whimpering about “having something special”!


That’s whats wrong with guys these days…everyone wants to “fall in love”.Phone Sex Line

What happened to the good old days of one night stands and meaningless sex?

Isn’t there anyone out there that just wants to get off?!

I don’t want to know your name! I am not going to remember it anyway!

I just want you to fill every hole with






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