Rainbow Kisses

phone sex lineHere at the truck stop, everything is on the menu for the right price. It’s not like I can raise my six brats off of tips from coffee and burgers. We get men in here from all walks of life and that is because they know that we will do things that their girlfriends and wives won’t do. Nothing is off limits or taboo. Golden showers are always in high demand and don’t forget about rainbow kisses. Not everyone is able to master the art of a rainbow kiss. Maybe I like them so much because after six brats I am always so happy when mother nature comes calling. I just love doing the sixty-nine position when it is that time of the month. Nothing is more soothing than having you lick my hot wet menstruating pussy. While I lick and suck on that big thick cock. I am deep throating your big thick cock trying not to gag and waiting to feel all of you hot salty cum in my mouth. Trying to time my rhythm with your so that we cum at the exact same time. Then fast as can be with your cum still in my mouth and all my menstrual cycle in yours we start kissing. Can you still taste our rainbow kiss???

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