Piss On You

pissing phone sexEver been fucked so hard that you pissed yourself? Well, I did last night and it sure turned my guy on. He said he’d never felt anything so amazing as my hot piss drowning his cock. He wanted to suck it out of my pussy. I never heard of anyone getting so excited about pee. I mean, we were talking about hot bald pussy. I can’t quit thinking about young girls getting fucked by big fat swollen cocks, making them scream and beg. He’s a little pervy like me, sharing with me all of his fantasies of fucking his cousins and daughter. I don’t want to share all of the details that got me so excited, but it was so taboo and so morbid that my pussy couldn’t handle it. I began to shake all over as orgasm hit me. I’m a screamer. You should hear me. Then, wow, I just started squirting piss all over him. But it sure didn’t cool his burning cock. He fucked me harder, calling out his daughter’s name as he gushed a great creamy load into my eager pussy. If you like the wilder things in life, I might just piss myself for you, too.


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