pie and pizza

Icreampie slutI couldn’t pay to have my food delivered so I just had sex with him instead . I opened up the door with almost nothing on . I invited him in , pushed him up against the door , and started sucking his dick right then and there . I am such a whore for cock who could resist a free pizza and sex . His gigantic cock could barely fit in my mouth . But I toke it like a champ ! I shoved that mother fucker all the way down my throat and looked up at him while I was gagging on it . He really liked that and shoved me on the ground and I could feel his meaty slung¬† all the way inside of my belly . Every single thrust honestly took my breath away . Nothing turns me on as much as some good fucking cock . I dug my nails in his back and begged for more . All I fucking want is a good cream pie with my pizza .

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