Party too Hard!

Hooker phone sex

I get fucked up all the damn time. I am a druggy whore and there are days when I get way to fucked up! Like last night, I went out and started walking down the street. After the third car honked at me and tried to pull over. I finally put myself to work. I walked into the alley, pulled my panties off and did a line off the fucking dumpster. I walked back to the side walk at the right mother fucking time! There waiting at the light was a big black man. I know him from the clubs, he deals to everyone. That is how I was going to get all the drugs I needed to have a damn good night. After I sucked his big black cock and took every inch of him up my asshole, I did some more lines. Getting high makes me so fucking horny! I spent the rest of the night getting even higher and making tons of cash! I sold my dirty cum filled holes to every man I could! I woke up in a pile of puke and cum. It was a damn good night!

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