Party hard on New year’s Eve

trailer trash whore

Every new Year’s Eve , it’s the same old thing for most of us. We go out for a good time. Maybe get us some end of year cock. I know that final blow job should end in a ball-dropping explosion. I dance my ass ass off with some friends, but things get all freaky. I always seem to end up missing my clothes by morning or wake up at some orgy where cum soaked pussies and limp, crusty dicks are everywhere, fueled by the alcoholic lust. I wonder how many dudes had their dicks in me and how much cum I swallowed. My throat is sore from the drugs and the dick action. I wouldn’t change a thing though. I’m gonna do my drugs, drink that Jager, and get all of the fuckmeat that I can handle, cause life takes its toll. In a few years we all end up spending the New year in sweats, watching the Dick Clark special (cause that’s the only dick we’ll get) and sipping non-alcoholic grape fizzy with the brats.
So, I’m getting mine now before it’s too late. Make sure you find a DD though. Being dead is not cool.
Happy New Year, fuckers. How about one last phone fuck before the ball drops?

drunk girl fucking

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