Party Girl Skank Amara

Dirty Phone Sex

Slow shifts are for fucking around and getting fucked up; I get real fucking horny when I start partying, don’t doubt that I’m a whore for a second. My regular bus boy always has some fun new party pill, and he’s never out of snow. I’ll line up a couple of snow lines on the counter, and race my way down against the other broad that works mornings. There’s nothing wrong with being totally coked up at eight in the morning on any given day. I gotta keep it interesting.
Sometimes, me and that morning broad will have cock sucking competitions with our regular customers. They know what time it’s slow, and when it’s best to come in for some free truck stop whore head. I really do love living this lot lizard junkie life. I love swallowing hot loads while working and getting fucked up at the diner.
You have to remember I’m a party girl baby. I love doing shit I won’t remember the next day, Where do you think I got a couple of my brats from? I love those rugrats like it’s nobody’s business, but don’t ask me who their daddies are. I have no idea! I took that many loads, I couldn’t track it down to one. You love sloppy pussy party girls; and I love your cock.

No Taboo Phone Sex

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