Party Favor

Gangbang whore

It was the party of the summer my pimp young one was turning into a man today. He was giving him a private party and he wanted his best hoes there.  I knew this little brat since his little ass was still sucking bottles.  We had everything drinks and all most importantly we had PUSSY and lots of it.  I picked the girls for this event we had to have top notch bitches and yes this was a party to break a new hoe in too.  She was pretty they type my pimp liked young and dumb as hell.  This pill popping whore was perfect to take the Birthday youngster virginity.  This was a proud moment for our Pimp he son was about to fuck his first hoe.  Instead of a traditional cake he had a fuck cake.  It was our pussy out so he could have his way with who ever.  He said he never ate pussy before so I taught him.  I placed my pussy right in  this fuckers face he started to lick the icing off my pussy like a lollipop.  It was time to break this hoe after that.  I held her legs open as he slid his half hard cock inside her sloppy wet pussy.  This little fucker started to cum after three strokes.  I had to put the strap on to show him how to fuck these hoes.  I pounded into this bitch pussy until she started to beg me to fuck her.  She had cum hard and that was trouble for her.  If you cum hard for a trick then  they can convince you not to take their money.  Our pimp had to show the young one how to handle hoes like this and keep them under control.  He was excited to see Daddy work this bitch over as we gangbang her to act right.

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