Only the bride wears white


I was a bridesmaid for one of my sorority sisters. I got drunk and wasted and high the night before the wedding. I was so inappropriate, I didn’t abide by the dress code and wore white to the rehearsal. I didn’t see what the huge deal was, but the bride had a fit. Mindy blew up on me, and her fiance ended up checking on me a couple of minutes after the fight. He came into my room, and things escalated. I was still buzzed and highly inappropriate. I came on to him, and he couldn’t resist temptation. I became his cum twat for the night. Mindy had no idea I was boinking her soon to be husband since she was out and about and couldn’t see the groom. She was so superstitious. To think she would have an embolism if she found out I was fucking her soon to be husband. I knew he wanted a nasty slut. Mindy was anything but that; I even let him make me his fisting whore for the night. The following day the groom got cold feet and ran out. I received a text, and it was him. I unleash some deep heavy shit. He didn’t want to settle with a bore for a wife when he could have a whore. 😉 

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