One in the pink…

sexlineOne in the pink and two in the stink, thats how I like to fuck on the sexline! 

Your true street walker and family fuck specialist loves fucking and doing lines. 

Time after time I get fucked and fucked up and dicked down, 

But you love to check my “Oil”. 

Am I wet enough for you to fuck this girl.?

Do you love how big of a goddamn whore I am? 

I love my ass being finger fucked as you check how slippery wet I am for you! 

Cum filled and drippy is what you like from a prostitute like me! 

I enjoy being a creampie slut to just get fucked! 

My life is drugs and fucking and I wont stop till I am dead. 

My son can enjoy this cunt and my brother and daddy! 

They just need to know I fuck every cock I can and they still want to drill this gangbang pussy

Nasty Sex is the best with four cocks or more! 


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