On the run in Cartagena

anal cum dumpster

Want to know what an anal cum dumpster thinks about day and night? Well, the answer is quite simple. Coke, cock, and cum. The three c’s that get me all hot and bothered. I’ve had many instances where I had to pay with my holes. During the pandemic, I hit an absolute low. You can say my drug use became catastrophic thru the pandy.

My dealer was getting upset with all my false promises. I owed him thousands, and he was getting impatient with me. At one point, I was in Colombia visiting family. They paid the expenses, and I couldn’t say no. Plus, Colombia has the best coca in the world. The truth is you can compete with a Colombian drug base. Well, my drug dealer got him by showing up randomly and giving me the beating and fucking of my life. It was excruciating to feel all the pain, but all I ended up doing was a few more coke lines, and the pain disappeared.

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