Leaking like an Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster

Leaking cum from the latest higher up like an anal cum dumpster, I couldn’t help but look down at my pretty blue dress and groan. Cum is easy to wash out, blood, not so much. It took me a minute to remember how I’d even gotten it dirty, but it came back with a flash once I really focused. He’d been unhappy with my request, my whole agenda for coming here, and he’d decided that if my master at the time was going to send second rate white help, he’d wreck it and turn it red. He’d hit me, not even just once, several times. Made me black out a little – hence the memory issue – and probably cracked my skull. While he was at it, he’d grabbed my hair hard, pulled it while he forced kiss after kiss out of his creampie slut. I was here to do just that so I didn’t understand why he was being so brutal. This was completely compliant, I was complacent and willing and even begging for it, so it didn’t make a lot of sense. At the time I didn’t know some men just want to hurt you for the fun of it. Some men get off, on watching you groan in pain, hearing you scream, enjoying your cracks and crinkles. I absolutely wasn’t ready for when that dick of his slipped right into my cunt and started wrecking house like he’d already done the front lawn and the exterior paint. I had tears running down my face, make-up staining anything he slammed me against. Now the slamming was happening very frequently because his balls were slapping my ass too! “Guaaah!” I heard him groan one last time as he got faster, and I knew what was cumming. Him, he was cumming, filling my depths with creamy relief after a hot summer’s scorching drag across the sand. Next he’d be after my ass, and I was ready, but also a scared little cum dumpster.

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