On The Hunt 

BBC phone sex



Most girls call me a secret slut they say that I sneak around with their boyfriends. Guess what most girls are correct about me I will take your fucking man away from you I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. No one gave a fuck about my feelings when I was in love a good girl doing nothing wrong telling the truth all the fucking time where did it get me nowhere I was the loser. Now I am convinced that I am not going to be a loser any longer so you bitches better watch your men. I don’t have morals I don’t need them for what I’m going to be doing to your boyfriends. And don’t worry girls I believe in total satisfaction I also believe in total compensation so all those pretty little trinkets that you used to get from your hubby’s I’ll be getting those things now. I want those nice fucking negligees I want those beautiful red bottoms I want all of that fancy shit and you rich bitches better really watch out cuz I do want a new Mercedes Benz and that is not a joke.

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