Now lick it up!

Cum guzzling slutAnal- when you give to much attention to something to the point of being annoying; and I surly and being very anal on your delicious, tight, little asshole baby! I graze your tight hole with my tongue swirling it around the rim, before licking it thoroughly! I even made sure to tongue fuck you a little to get it nice, and slippery! I’m sure this isn’t what you were imagining when I suggested anal and you so happily agreed. But right now, I know you don’t regret it as you rock hard cock jumps for me each time I force my face deeper and deeper between your cheeks. I reach around and stroke your cock as it has been jumping almost begging for attention. I stay focused on your dirty little ass, cleaning it and teasing it while stroking your fat cock! I love the way you taste and the way your dick dances for me even more! I pull back spread your check wide and spit in your slightly open entrance. I take two fingers and suck and spit on them get them nice and well. “Ok baby I’m going to put them in on the count of three! One!” I push them in slightly and you gasp as you weren’t expecting it. Your ass hole tightens around my fingers, squeezing me tight, making me wet instantly. “You got to relax baby or it will hurt trust me you will love this!” I purr “Two!” Push it in till it’s in up to my second knuckles. They are basically half way in. You moan, and this one sounds a little more, dare I say, like a pleasure moan?! “Three!” I hiss as I slam my fingers deep in you. You take it like a champ and even arch your back a little. “Good boy! Take all of it!” I say as I hold it deep and rotate my wrist a little. “Now I’m going to make you cum, and after I do your going to eat it all up for me like the cum whore you are!” I demand as I start to milk your prostate. I’m stroking your cock as I press at the right tempo and pressure and before you know it you are cumming so hard! “Good sissy boy!” I whisper “Now lick it up! You are my newest sissy boy in training, and I expect perfection!”

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