My Gynecologist Fucked Me

No taboo phone sexI masturbated during my gynecologist appointment today! Dr. Schwartz is so fucking hot, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted my pussy to be a super soaker when he went down there to give me a pap smear. He inserted his fingers inside of my wet cunt and the look on his face said it all! He sent his assistant out of the room, locked the door behind her, dropped his pants and told me to wrap my pussy around his cock! I sat on the edge of the medical chair, grabbed him by his gown and pulled him closer. He popped his cock right inside of my pussy and put my legs up in the air over his shoulders. He fucked me so hard! My devious ways worked I got the doctor to fuck me. The assistant came back knocking and I smirked and told him to open the door and let him in. He knew we were up to no good he insisted if he didn’t get to fuck me too he was going to tell. That’s when I bent over, spread my cheeks and told him to insert his cock!! He rammed his cock deep inside of my asshole and fucked me like a disgusting whore. I got filled up with both of their cum. My pleasure!!!

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