No class here

Druggy phone sex

Last night I went out to get fucked up. Everyone shares their shit if you got something they want. I have 3 little holes that they all want! I walked in like I fucking owned the place even tho in just a few short minutes they will all own me and my dirty holes! My holes are perfect for big thick cocks to fill them up. Stretching me open! Making my dirty holes gape open! Make my trashy asshole prolapse! I will do anything for dope. If you got that good shit that makes my pussy drip, I’ll be your nasty whore for the night! I’ll fuck and suck anything you put in front of me! Make me suck knotted cock or giant nasty beast cock. I will fuck anything for that dope daddy. Please, just a little bump.. Those lines of white power are making my pussy throb. Snorting up a nice big fat line with make my pussy drip! 

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