New Work Buddy!

Cum filled CuntThere is a new librarian working with us now. It is a guy as well. He is tall with salt and pepper hair and looks so damn sexy in his suit. He seems very quiet and reserved but in my fantasies he is a fucking fuck freak like me. I think about him taking me in between these books and fucking me until we knock the shelves over. That cock silhouette in his pants makes me think about him dragging his low hanging balls across my face and slapping me with his cock. I can see him ramming my tight little asshole with his cock and then making me suck the shit and cock juices off after his fills my anus with sperm. I want him to bound me with his neck tie and choke me while he hate fucks this slutty pussy. I wonder if he thinks f fucking me as much as I think of fucking him. I hope so because before it is all said and done I want to know what that cock, balls, and spunk taste like.

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