I was asking for it…

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I dressed like I always do. Like a dirty whore. I went out to the bar dressed like this. I knew what I was asking for. I knew that dressing like would grab all the guys attention. I want it. I want a man to walk up behind me by an alley. I want him to grab me by my throat, cover my mouth and make suck his cock. My fantasy-rape fetish is me standing alone dressed in shorty shorts, fishnets and a tiny shirt. I want him to pull a knife out and threaten me with it. I want to feel scared but turned on. I want him to hit me in the face, rip my clothes off . He makes me kneel in glass to suck his cock. The pain front he glass cutting into my knees as choke on his dick gets me wetter. I want him to rip a hole in my fishnets, bending me over and making smell the sewer underneath us as fucking my tight wet pussy. I want him to fuck me hard in the ass. I want him to finish inside of me.

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