Needed the Money

I needed money bad, my usual hookup wasn’t coming through and so I had to ask my stepdad. He is such a drunk but he usually has some cash, at least enough to get me high. I knew what he would want in return, but it wouldn’t be the first or last time so I figured what the hell. I went and knocked on his door and his buddy answered. I hated this guy but I knew he would now be in on the fun too. But maybe it would mean more cash so I went inside.

My stepdad knew what I needed without asking and told me to get naked. He asked his buddy how much cash he had and the guy pulled out a small wad and threw it at me. It looked like enough to last me a few days so I stripped down for them. They got their cocks out and began groping my tight little cunt and tits. It felt so gross to have them touch me, but of course that always turns me on somehow and I couldn’t help but enjoy myself.

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They pulled me down on the dirty carpet and my stepdad shoved his half hard cock in my mouth to suck it until it was all the way hard. How could my mom be married to such a scumbag? His buddy didn’t waste any time coming up behind me and sticking his bare cock inside my tight little twat. They manhandled me like they didn’t even know me. A couple of old perverts taking my body for everything they could. They both came hard, and spewed it all over me. They didn’t even say thanks, they just watched as I picked the money up off the floor and headed out to find my fix.

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