Little Do You Know…

I am so glad you saw my profile on the internet. When I got your messages, I knew you weren’t who you said you were, but when you told me what you could get me, I just didn’t care. I know letting a freak like you play with my tight pussy for a few hours is a small price to pay for enough weed to keep me smiling for a week. I figure as long as you show up with the dope, I can fuck you no matter what you look like or how old you are. Hell, with as horny as I am I might just fuck you even if you don’t bring it.

cum dumpster sybil
You showed up right on time, and I was right – you are at least twice my age, maybe even more. My little cunt starts to heat up knowing you get off on tricking girls like me. Little did you know I hadn’t expected anything else. You showed me the baggie, but when I reached for it, you pulled it back. You wanted “paid” first, and I was okay with that. I invited you in and took you to my room. You told me to strip and to call you “daddy” from now on. I got on the bed and lifted my skirt to show you my little body.

I saw your hard cock raging as you tossed the baggie on the nightstand. You climbed in bed behind me and grabbed me hard. You told me I was going to do whatever you wanted. I pretended to resist – because I know thats how to please a man like you. I pulled away and you yanked me back hard and slapped me. My pussy was dripping at this point as you rammed your fingers deep inside. You started pounding my tight cunt with all your strength as you held my head back by my hair. I loved being taken by you… but I kept up the fight like the good little whore I am.

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