Need A Little Irish In Me

cum filled cunt cleoIt’s St Patty’s Day! I am not Irish and really don’t need an excuse to go out and get trashed. But I love that tonight the guys are going to be out in full force, in the beginning of the week, drunk as fuck and looking for trouble. I am going to find me a hot Irish man, light skinned, red headed, freckled and ready to fuck a hot and trashy Latina bitch. When I say I need a little Irish in me I am not talking about a little dick, oh no. I want a big white Irish cock to fuck all my brown holes. I need to be stuffed full all night long. My tight brown ass and pussy are waiting to be filled of Irish cream tonight. I want to taste the luck of the Irish deep in my throat, I want to feel it all over my body silky and smooth. I have a nice and slutty green mini skirt picked out and a pair of thigh high boots that are fuck me fabulous. Ready or not boys, here I cum and you will be cumming to, I assure you!cum filled cunt cleo2

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