Happy St. Patty’s Day with Irish Whores

trashy milf incest sexWhen you are an Irish trashy MILF, you have a lot of nasty fun on St. Patrick’s Day. I kept my youngest daughter home from school today so we could celebrate like drunken whores. It’s a family Irish tradition. Each year one of my brats gets to stay home and celebrate with me. Perhaps it makes me a bad mommy, but I let her have some green beer. I drank at her age, smoked weed and a lot of other shit, and turned out fine! I have 3 young daughters, but the one who stayed home with me is still a virgin, but not for long. I got her drunk on green beer, then fucked her with the bottle. I even had her sliding her little slit up and down it. So hot to watch that little cunnie fuck that green bottle. She was so proud too. “I can take something bigger mommy, I know I can,” she said with a smile. I wanted to give her something bigger!

It was a nice day so we had a little picnic on our land. I called my favorite drug dealer, a sexy Irish boy, to see if he wanted to do a little trade as I wanted some party supplies. I knew he would be wasted from drinking first thing in the morning, a St Patrick’s Day tradition for many of us. I set us up under our cherry tree since I was getting my baby girl’s cherry popped. When he arrived, I had her ass decorated with “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” I suggested we trade her Irish virgin pussy for my coke. He didn’t hesitate at all! He wanted to pop that young pussy, give her pot of liquid gold. I sat on the hood of my car like I was in a Whitesnake video and masturbated while my baby girl became a woman. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to me.

white trash phone sex whore mommHe didn’t go easy on her pussy either. Drunk Irish drug dealer three times her age with a massive cock, was not gonna fuck her gently! He pushed it right in until I heard her scream and could see the cherry juice on his dick. Didn’t take him long to bust a nut in her, out in the open too, under a big cherry tree! Tightest snatch he will ever have too. I told her now she was a naughty Irish girl. I got down on the blanket with her, licked her puffy little pussy, sucking out that gold he deposited in her sweet pussy. I guess watching me lick the jizz cherry juice combo from her cunnie, made him hard again, so he started fucking my ass. She guzzled his cum out of my ass. I was so proud of my nasty little Irish girl.

When you are a trashy MILF, you get lucky all the time. Guys love nasty Irish whores. Hell, guys just love whores. Let me and my baby whore say Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you . We may be Irish, but can always use more Irish in us!

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