My Truck stop stalker

Lot lizard sex

I know you have been watching me, wanting to having me for some time now. I see you every week when you are out on the road. Sometimes when you are on vacation you come out here. You love this truck stop more than any other’s and I know it’s because you get to watch me. This Nasty tranny truck stop lot lizard turns you on, but you go to bed with blue balls. Well tonight I have followed you. After you watch me get into my 6th truck of the night you are just starting to walk funny.. Is your cock digging so deep into your zipper you had to go now? I’m only on my 4th truck! It makes my cock hard knowing there is someone watching this truck.. Knowing my tranny asshole is getting another cum load deep inside.. I followed you to your room and now you seemed shocked. What you can watch me and follow me but I can’t follow you? Oh no fucking way Mr. Big Rig. You have teased and Taunted me long enough. I want you just as badly as you want me.

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