All night buffet at the trashy truckstop.

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It was just another night of playing waitress at the truckstop when an entire convoy of trucks rolled in. My pussy got wet just thinking of the cock buffet I was about to get. Sure enough a group of horny truckers came marching in for coffee and some of my special service. They didn’t waste time as one of them came right up behind me and shoved his hand up my skirt. It was Big John, my most endowed customer. He had this massive 12 inch cock, thick as a coffee cup. “Ready for some sausage, waitress?” he bellowed. Everyone looked as he freed this massive fuck stick from his pants and waved it around. He bent me over the table and pulled up my skirt, right in front of everyone. Yanking down my panties, he pushed into my cunt with a roar. The other truckers were blown away. I saw them taking their cocks out of their jeans as they watched. He pumped me hard and fast as the crowd jerked. I moaned as my own pussy contracted. Just as he was ready to cum, he pulled out of my dripping gash and spewed a volcanic load all over the onlookers. I swear I saw some of them lick their lips for a taste of his cum. Never a dull moment at the white trash hang-out!!! I got lots of business all night long!!!

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