My Sexline is No Limits

sexlineMy sexline is no taboos always. I am not the kind of woman who has limits. I always laugh when a guy asks me what my limits are because I have not found them yet. My life is a far cry from vanilla. I may have left the trailer park behind, but the trailer park is still inside me. I live in a gated community in California. A big difference from the dingy trailer I lived in while a young girl in West Virginia. I married well. I was his jailbait bride, but we have been married for twenty-five years now.  I am 40 now. I am sure you can do the math. My husband just turned 65 last week. Most of the community has warmed up to me now. I was the trailer trash whore and trophy wife. Folks thought I was older than I was, but they still saw me as a gold digger. I still went to social events with my husband. I remained quiet and got revenge by seducing the husbands of all the mean ladies. It has been twenty some years since we were married, and a few bitches in the neighborhood still see me as a trailer park gold digger. I have perfected my revenge skills though. Back then, I took their husbands. Now, I take their sons. My husband and I were at a fundraiser the other night and this one bitch was making jabs at me all night. She has been a cunt for the 20 years I have known her. She is not much older than me, but I was not having any of her bullshit. I found her teen soon who has grown up nicely and fucked him in a broom closet. I made that boy a man. I let him get his dick wet in my pussy, but I wanted him to cum in my mouth. It was part of my plan. After I swallowed his load, I found his mother. I cornered her, kissed her on the lips and with great pleasure I asked her how her son’s cum tasted because I just swallowed his seed. She took one look at the shit eating grin on her son’s face and knew it was true.  She will not rat me out because it would be too embarrassing for her and her social status. I doubt she will fuck with me again. I should have done this sooner. That young teen boy of hers is quite the stud, but then so is her husband.

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