My Sexline is Anything Goes All the Time

sexlineMen find my sexline always anything goes. Honestly, I talk about anything. Let me just digress a moment though. Get this. My doctor benched me for a few days. The 40-year-old in the house needs her tonsils removed. I scheduled surgery for this morning. I did not eat anything in preparation for it. And I did not even swallow any cum last night either. That proved a struggle for me. I acted responsibly this time, and the hospital pushed my surgery back until tomorrow afternoon.

Perhaps all the cock I suck contributed to my issue. Who knows. But all my sons and daughters still have tonsils. Now my girls can swallow a lot of cum too. But none of them have sucked cock as long as me. So, my fellow perverts, you might not see me very much for a few days. But when I am back in tip top shape, I can do long calls again. And I will chug cock better than anyone too.

I do not feel too bad, but my voice has been rough. Since my surgery got postponed, my sons decided I needed some sperm this morning. I would not be up this early normally.  But they woke me up to tell me good luck, and that’s when I heard the news. I told them not to rush off yet. Their trashy milf could have some cum after all. I do not think I’ve ever seen my boys drop their pants that quickly in my life.

Going one night without cumming in mommy’s mouth felt like an eternity to them. I must admit, it felt like an eternity to me too. They filled my belly up with cum and left for school.  Funny, when I first woke up, I felt like I was starving. But a few loads of boy jizz filled me right up. Perhaps, all that protein was all I needed to feel satisfied. Hopefully, the next time I share a new dirty tale, I will be tonsil free and full of a lot more sperm.

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