My Old Neighbor Cared For My Plants and Me

Blonde phone sexI was getting a load of clothes together to wash when I knocked the detergent down and it splashed all over me. Since my clothes were soaked anyway, I took them off and threw them in the machine as well. As I walked through the kitchen in my panties, the door knob turned. I had forgotten to let my neighbor know I had returned from my trip and that he did not need to water my plants today. Before I could find anything to cover with, he was inside. He was an older man and as he saw me, his face flushed. He got embarrassed and started stammering apologies, but I assured him it was ok. I started to excuse myself to get something on, but I noticed his pants were beginning to get a little tent in them. Instead of leaving the room, I asked him how I could thank him properly for taking care of my plants while I was away. Placing my hand on his crotch, I asked if there was something of his I needed to take care of. As he blushed I dropped to mu knees, undid his pants and took the old guys cock into my mouth. He started rubbing my tits. After a minute he asked if he could fuck my pussy. I told him of course he could and led him to the living room where I got on my knees on the couch and presented my pussy to him. He wasted no time filling my pussy with his cock and fucked me with a passion I had not seen from younger men. As he flooded my cunt with his cum, I came on his cock, thankful he had accidentally walked in on me. Something tells me we will be very good neighbors in the future.

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