Laundry Day

Creampie slut evonneI cleaned up last night at the poker table. Not only did I will a fist full of cash while getting drunk and high I won his services for the day when he ran out of money. I put on a sexy little black number, rolled a couple of joints, poured a rum and coke and sat back on the couch with my wet pussy while he puttered around naked cleaning my house. I watched him head to the laundry room with a basket full of dirty clothes with a smile on my face as I slid my fingers into my cunt. After finger fucking myself for some time I realized that he was taking a bit to long to put a load of clothes in the wash. I got up to look and there he was his eyes closed ¬†with his dick in one hand and a pair of my crusty cum filled panties in his face, licking and smelling and groaning. His dick was dripping pre-cum and his balls were tight up against his body. I knew he was about ready to blow. I cleared my throat and his eyes flew opened and he dropped the panties to the floor. “No cumming until your chores are done, Cinderella” I said with a smile as I blew a cloud of pot smoke into his face and walked away laughing. laundry day has never been this much fun!

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